Become Your Own Boss with a Side Hustle

  • What a side hustle is? 
  • How to start a side hustle?
  • Best way to start?
  • How to get guaranteed customers?
  • What are the best free side hustles to begin?

What a side hustle is?

Once you have started one side hustle you can then start another and another and could keep going until you have lots of little businesses that bring you a bucket load of money, the way to do this would be to employ other people to do the work for you as you will not have enough time to do it all!

Side hustling isn’t for everyone because some people are too lazy to do the work and others just can’t keep up with everything, however there is a reason you are here and that reason is because you are going to be the successful one, you will make a huge difference and live a successful life, if you follow steps in any of my blogs!

How to start a side hustle?

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  • Traffic
  • Building
  • Promotion
  • Work
  • Hype
  • Release
  • Affiliate
  • Coupon

In my bio I would make sure to mention that people can buy these designs, if you are doing this, make sure to add a watermark onto your photo otherwise it will more than likely be stolen. 

Once I have about 100-200 designs from about 1-2 months of work then I would start putting the highest liked designs onto products. Once I did this and had around the same amount of products as designs I would mention in my Instagram that I am starting a business soon that includes the designs on products.

From now on if I continue posting designs and promoting for free I should gain a little bit of money and customers, to make things rocket a little more, I would then give them a choice to sign up for an affiliate programme, this is where they can make money by bringing me customers who buy items from my website!

Having an affiliate programme on your website means that a lot of people will want to earn money and sign up, which once they do, if they’re successful they can make you a lot of money, which then you only have to give a small commission to them for each order. 

After this I would look at the amount I’m earning and if it is around £100-£500 a month then I would put about 25% of this money back into my business for advertising, this way, I will be advertising non stop and be able to gain even more customers.

Overall this means I would have an Instagram Page, bringing in customers, people sharing my Instagram account and their affiliate links to my website and paid advertising would be bringing me in lots more customers!

In theory it will never take only 1 month for something like this to happen, however if you have the right dedication, skill, people and a little bit of luck on your side, there is no reason why this can’t happen so quickly for you. 

Best way to start?

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Either way when you are starting this you will not gain anyone’s trust until they know they can trust you, the best way for this to happen is to do some things for free, (DO NOT DO ANYTHING FOR FREE ON UPWORK) this could include things like making designs that you do just put on a portfolio of some kind.

Once you start getting a lot of people clicking on your service or product that is when you will finally start to make some money, a tip I would suggest to get people to share you is to offer a coupon code so people can get a percentage off of their order if they use that code. 

The coupon code really helps you out, especially when starting, plus it gives a reason for social media pages to advertise your business, this and affiliate marketing are very effective!

If you would like me to write about how to create an affiliate marketing programme or add coupon codes, let me know by commenting YES. 

How to get guaranteed customers?

To get guaranteed customers, for free, you should do what I have mentioned already. Start an Instagram account and then move to other social media once your business is up and running. 

If you are not sure if you would get any customers, a great way to ask if people would buy your products would be to put the design or product in a story and then create a poll asking if they would buy it on a product!

What are the best free side hustles to begin?

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The best free side hustles to begin with would be:

  • Print On Demand (middle)
  • Dropshipping (middle)
  • Reselling (easy)
  • Photography (easy)
  • Digital Designing (easy)
  • Social Media Templates (easy)
  • Website Templates (Not easy)

There are many more but these are some of the easiest, the ones that are in the middle are easy to do but hard to keep up with especially in the beginning. 

Digital Designing is easy, however it is not easy to get people to buy what you have made as it has to be high quality and in demand for you to make a substantial amount of money, if you only have two orders in one month, you won’t be able to make a full time business until something you make is in a high demand, this can take some time to learn. 

Social Media templates are fairly easy to make, you can use a free service such as canva, make the design on an Instagram Post Template, then place this on your etsy store or on your own website. 

Website Templates, the reason this is on my list is because one template could cost between £50-£1000, this is because of the amount of work and effort that goes into this, you also have to know how to code if you are doing this from scratch! If you want an easy way to do this then I would suggest offering a service where you build their wordpress website for a high price but include more than your competitors!

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