How to Make Money with £10

  • How to Make £10 Easily
  • Charity Shop Reselling
  • Ebay Reselling
  • AliExpress Reselling
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Conclusion

How to Make £10 Easily

Making £10 can be one of the easiest things you will do but it can also be very difficult if you don’t put the time and effort in, you will make this money quickly and easily if you follow any of these steps.

Some of the ways you can make money are:

  • Getting a Job
  • Doing Surveys
  • Selling things you don’t need
  • Asking family or friends

Getting a job is a great way to not only just earn £10 but more, unfortunately it will probably take a month to receive your first payment but there is nothing stopping you from making money with other methods on this list. In your first job it is possible to get £100-£200 in your first month if you are under 18 which can massively help.

Doing surveys is looked upon because one survey only makes you about 0.20p to £1 however if you do high paying surveys frequently you can make £10 easily and if you stick to it everyday you could even make an extra £30-£40 a month which can come in handy.

I cannot stress enough that you will not be able to make a full time income from this but it can help you to make some extra money on the side to save, this should probably only be used as a short term thing as well as it is easy to get burnt out.

Some of the best surveys sites to use are:

Charity Shop Reselling

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This is a great way to make money after you have made your first £10 you could buy two t-shirts for £5 each. 

Providing you know they will definitely sell, you would then sell them for £20 each meaning you get a £15 profit for both so altogether you make a profit of £30

This is a great way to make money and can even be a full time job if you are good at it!

Never get anything if you don’t know if it will sell or not. The best way to tell if clothes will sell is if they have a good brand on them. 

Do research before using this method as you do not want to buy something and then never sell it for a profit. 

Ebay Reselling

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This is a similar process to charity shop reselling however with Ebay you cannot inspect the item properly.

If there is an item you know is profitable and you can buy it cheaper on Ebay then you look for it.

You would then have to find a seller where the reviews are around 98% and have made a lot of sales. 

Then order the item with your £10 and sell it for a decent profit.

It is very rare for this to happen but you could end up buying something extremely valuable and sell it for a huge amount.

I read about one case where someone bought a sofa for £1,000 and the person who bought it knew it was valuable and sold it for around £20,000 because it was so valuable!

This can be amazing however nowadays selling items online is increasingly difficult especially due to the competition.

AliExpress Reselling

This is great but also risky however you don’t get anywhere without taking a few risks and in the end they’re usually worth it.

For this you would buy a product, AliExpress has a variety of products on their site and they’re cheaper than anywhere else. 

An example would be if I bought some ink refills, I buy 50 of them for £2.50. I then could do one of two things.

I could sell each individual one or I could sell them in a bundle. But it would be more profitable for me to sell them individually.

I would then list them at about £0.15 each meaning I then get £7.50 and I have made a £5.50 profit just from that one purchase.

Once you have bought your product that you know is profitable, you would then list it onto many different sites for a profit (make sure to take site fees into account such as Ebay).

Affiliate Marketing

This is where you are given a link and you then promote the link, if someone buys the product through your link you then receive a commission. 

This is probably one of the most effective ways to make a lot of money fast, especially with £5-£10. Here’s how.

You look at an affiliate service such as clickbank or if you know of a website or product that will sell extremely well use that, it must be in high demand!

Then use canva or another digital designing software to create a Facebook ad. Once you have created your Facebook ad, start uploading it to Facebook as an ad.

When buying this, make sure to click the cheapest option first in case your affiliated item doesn’t sell. If you make a few sales and you have made profit, scale it up a little bit more and keep the money rolling in. 


In conclusion, to make your £10 you just need to sell things, find a job, do chores or do surveys, you could even ask to borrow it. 

Charity shop reselling can really get you making a profit in the beginning and can become a full time business if you’re good at it.

Ebay reselling is risky but good when you know what you’re doing and have a keen eye for cheap items that are very profitable!

AliExpress Reselling is also risky but worth it for the cheap items and high profit margin! 

Affiliate marketing is the best to get into in my opinion however it does require some very basic skills which not everyone does have.

Which method are you going to try? 

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