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In my previous blog I taught you how to make more money with £10, now I’m going to explain how using your profits you can build a free or paid website to earn even more money!

If you have been successful with one of the previous steps which include affiliate marketing and reselling things from different places such as Ebay, AliExpress or Charity shops, hopefully you have around £100 now.

With that £100 you can now create a website and make your side hustle into a more established brand. 

Whether you choose the method I spoke about before and make a second hand shop is your choice. But you could also decide to use this money for dropshipping or print on demand. It is ultimately your choice.

Personally I would start a second hand shop if I was gaining a lot of profit from this to begin with. If not then I would choose Print on Demand first and then move to Dropshipping.

Importance of a Website

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A lot of people don’t understand the importance of a website, the main points of a website are to:

  • Seem Established 
  • Make people trust your brand
  • Give your business a home on the web
  • Give your brand recognition

There are definitely a lot more reasons why a website is so important but I won’t list all of them in this blog.

If your business seems established, people will think you might be on an international scale, even though you are just clicking buttons from the comfort of your own home.

This is why a business to business (B2B) website works so well! You work with another business who makes your products and you just design them, then promote them!

If you have any business, the hardest part is getting customers because they don’t know if they can trust you or not. Building a website definitely helps people trust you a little bit more.

Giving your business a home on the web is great because people can visit when they like and order when they like. Which has a huge profit potential. 

Giving your brand recognition is essential if you want people to keep coming back, people need to be able to relate colours or images to your brand so your brand’s name sparks in their brain!

These things are not that easy to achieve and will require a bit of work and dedication but it’s worth it for the freedom you will get!

Importance of a Domain

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What is a domain? A domain is that little link in your URL bar at the top of your screen, for my website my domain is

There are many important things about a domain, some of them being:

  • Brand Recognition 
  • Easy Shop Access
  • Profits
  • More Customers

Again brand recognition is in this list. Why? It’s because when someone reads your and it’s your brand name then they will be certain it’s your website and remember it if it’s simple!

If you’re using a free domain like I am right now then it can be harder to draw in traffic and seem more established, however this is a little bit different from blogging. 

Easy shop access is vital to earn money from your shop and if they don’t know your domain they’re likely just going to look somewhere else.

This then eats into profits which is the next most important thing! If you’re not earning profits you can’t pay for your website and you are losing money.

More customers, this is extremely important because if one person shares on their Instagram and they have 23.3K followers you’re going to get a lot more customers! 

The only way you will get more customers this way is if your link is simple. People will then keep coming back for more if you’re selling high quality stuff! 

Free or Paid

The best one in the long run is a paid website but when you are starting off and don’t have a lot of money, you should use a free one however you may run into some issues by doing this.

If you use a free website you won’t be paying for a domain so won’t seem as legit as other companies and you will more than likely have another brand ending such as and this can affect how genuine you seem.

Not paying for your website also means you may be limited to certain things, for example on wordpress you won’t be able to access certain themes or integrate plugins. 

Best Websites 

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  • BigCommerce
  • Shopify
  • Coursera 
  • Hostinger 
  • Squareup


BigCommerce is an amazing website designer, this is an amazing way to list your products. It also has an easy access way to keep track of all your profits and I would highly suggest using this if you know what you are doing.


This is one of the most popular platforms to use for print on demand or dropshipping, you can download lots of plugins to the store which can help you run the store.

 If you are dropshipping, some of the plugins can help you to find suppliers that have fast delivery and help you to find the best suppliers you can get!

Coursera (Good for Advertising and Selling courses)

Coursera isn’t a hosting platform, however if you are selling courses it is an amazing way to advertise your website through the course and also a great way to earn money at the same time!


This is a hosting platform where you can create your website and go from micro scale to large scale! If you use this hosting platform you can also include a custom domain for a cheap price. 


This is an amazing easy to use Web designer, you can create lots of different pages and customise with their drag and drop options.

Square also has another Web design site called Squarespace however for this Web designer, after your first 14 days you do have to pay. 


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Altogether you now should be able to make £100 with your first £10 using my previous blog and invest that into some of the things mentioned today. 

Websites are an important aspect in the online business world and in the real life business world, especially if you want to do well.

Your domain should be short and easy to remember so that people keep coming back to buy more products from your website.

Remember if you are just starting out, maybe it is best for you to go for a free web host and domain until you find the right hosting platform for you and your business.

After you have found the right one for you, move onto a paid one and watch your business grow massively. Have a look at all the websites I mentioned and see which is the right fit for you.

Which platform will you be trying first?

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