How to Start Your Own Business

  • Why You Should Start a Business 
  • Types of Businesses
  • Money Needed
  • Gain Money For Your Business 
  • Build a Website For Your Business 
  • Build Traffic
  • Gain Customers
  • Conclusion

Why You Should Start a Business 

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There are probably more than a thousand reasons you should start a business, but here are three mains ones:

  • Self Employment 
  • Lots of Profit
  • Freedom 

Self Employment: this is the first one because if you are self employed you have so many benefits.

You have huge potential, it allows you to meet new people, you can offer people a job and so much more!

Lots of Profit: this has to be second on the list because money brings you a lot of freedom and a lot of security in life.

Especially when some of that profit goes to a pension pot and an emergency fund.

Freedom: last but not least, Freedom, this is something we all want but are not all willing to work hard enough for.

Imagine being able to work while sitting in the bath, laying on a beach in Spain, laid in bed doing the work that brings you all three of these things.

That’s the life you want, right? Well get started because if you don’t that window of opportunity may just cease to exist.

Types of Businesses

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There are a hell of a lot of businesses but these are some that this blog can help you with:

  • Bar/Restaurant 
  • Nightclub 
  • Dropshipping 
  • Print on Demand (POD) 
  • Photography Selling 

Now mainly I focus on ecommerce businesses however, a lot of these tips can be used in your business on the high street.

Money Needed

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For each type of business there is going to be an estimate amount of money from highest to lowest for each one, this is based off my own knowledge and research, this is not fact:

For a bar, restaurant or nightclub the costs would be very high:

  • The Building (£60,000-£200,000)
  • The Bills (£800p/m)
  • The drinks and food (£1000-£5000)
  • Entertainment (£100-£500)

As you can tell it would be very expensive to do this, however with the right knowledge, time, commitment and skill you can build this quite easily from the ground.

Photography Selling is the next highest cost to build up, this is only because of initial investment, in the long run it’s quite cheap:

  • Quality Camera (£1000-£6000)
  • Website (£40-£120)
  • Advertising (£2-£100)

As you can see the camera is the biggest investment.

Once all the costs are out of the way, if your work is advertised properly and of a fantastic quality, you could make that money back in no time.

Dropshipping and POD, these are the cheapest to set up but not as easy as you may think, it takes a lot of time and effort to do this:

  • Website (£40-£120)
  • Advertising (£2-£100)
  • Emergency Fund (£100-£500)

This is all you really need to start one of these, the emergency fund is the biggest.

If something goes very wrong then you can easily fix it with this fund.

Gain Money For Your Business 

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Now this can be the hardest part about having a business, if your wanting to setup a business for people to go to then:

You need a lot of money just for the bills and stock, the best way to do this is to begin a startup. 

A startup is where you write down your idea for a business, (it must stand out from the rest) then you can mention how much you need.

If people like the idea then they may give you money to help start the business, this isn’t guaranteed to happen but it is probably the best way.

If this doesn’t work then you could take out a business loan but doing so means that you will have one more bill to pay.

Build a Website For Your Business 

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This is a must do for any type of business, everybody is on a phone, laptop or tablet these days.

Having this many people be able to visit your website and find out where you are based or what they can order gives you a huge profit potential. 

Don’t think that it’s easy to get people to visit your website though, this is the most difficult task, but the most rewarding when you see how far you’ve come. 

When people visit your website they need to know what they can buy almost instantly otherwise you won’t get any customers.

If you are selling products or giving them a space to go and do activities, then you need to make it sound like the best thing they could ever go to.

If you are selling a t-shirt and you just put the description as a t-shirt, people are not going to care. You need to make them think they need to buy what you are offering.

If they feel like they can’t live without a product or service then you already have an amazing business. 

Build Traffic

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People think the only way to get traffic is to buy it and pay for Advertising to allow people to fund you this way but there are lots of free ways to do this.

I will go through some free ways to make Traffic and some paid ways too. Some free ways to make traffic are:

  • TikTok
  • YouTube
  • Instagram
  • Reddit
  • Quora

TikTok is at the very top because this is one of the most popular ways but also the most effective, by creating quality content you could gain 1000s of views and likes within a couple of weeks. 

YouTube, this will more than likely take a very long time, especially if your niche or micro niche isn’t very popular. But it’s a great way to promote your website and social media in the description or the video itself.

Instagram is an amazing tool to gain traction, if lots of people want your products or services, by putting them in Instagram posts you have lots of potential. Your website can then go in your bio for people to click. 

Reddit, this is great for joining communities, if there’s a community in a niche that you’ve picked, providing the rules don’t ban this you could advertise your business there.

Quora is a great place for getting people to answer your questions, but you can answer people’s questions, if someone is in need of your product or just some information you could lead towards your website.

Some paid ways to gain some more customers are:

  • Facebook Ads
  • Google Ads

Facebook and Google Ads are very similar, with both you can start with a budget as low as £10-£50 which is an amazing budget to advertise to hundreds or even thousands of people.

Personally I would go with Google Ads because if someone searches your product on Google it could be the first thing to show up.

Gain Customers

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People think to gain customers you need to have lots of money for Advertising, but this is not true whatsoever. 

You can do this the exact same way as building traffic, however you need to use some psychological tricks to get people to be customers.

You need psychological tricks in your descriptions, images and even your prices. It’s all about getting the customer to an end goal of buying.

For Your description and image you need to make the customer feel an emotion, some people make their customer feel sorry for something like a dog or a cat.

It doesn’t matter which emotion you want them to feel but it needs to give them a reason to buy something.

For the pricing you need to make sure it’s not “boring” for example if someone sees something that’s for £10 they probably won’t buy but if it’s £9.99 they will be more likely to buy it. 


In this blog we spoke about the many reasons you should start your blog and that there are probably thousands.

We spoke about the many business ideas you could do and what sort of budget you would need for each. 

You now know of some ways to gain some money for your business and build a website to build Traffic and a huge income. 

You also know about some free ways to make some money and also some paid ways.

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