How to Make Money on Instagram

  • Why you should use Instagram to make money
  • Different ways to get paid
  • How to Seem More Trustworthy
  • Conclusion

Why you should use Instagram to make money

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You should use Instagram to make money because with a little bit of work it is fairly easy to make money. 

There are also ways to make money without having thousands of followers so it is brilliant.

This can also be a great way to learn social media skills which help you or another person’s brand or business.

With your new found skills you could even make lots of accounts doing similar things but make sure to not overdo it because you won’t be able to keep up, unless you have a team to help you!

You can use a lot of these methods with all social media platforms but right now Instagram is one of the best, as well as TikTok and YouTube. 

Different ways to get paid

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The different ways to get paid are:

  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Shout Outs
  • Sponsored Posts
  • Business
  • Favours

Affiliate Marketing: this is one of the most popular ways to make money online, especially with social media. 

Affiliate Marketing is when you work with a company by promoting them, the company will provide you with a link to track your commission and in return for bringing them a customer you will earn a commission from your affiliate link. 

Shout Outs: this a great way to make money and set your own prices however, this will determine how many people follow you and how many people like your posts. 

If you have a million followers but only get around 60 likes on a post people probably won’t buy shout outs from you.

So from the start you should make sure to get a following but also get at least 90% of your followers to like your posts.

Sponsored Posts: this is probably the most difficult to achieve, however it can earn you a good amount of money. If you follow a celebrity, you will have more than likely seen a sponsored post. 

You contact a business or in some cases they contact you, you then get told you can have a discount on their product, which you can also give to your followers.

 Once you have bought something and put their discount code on your story, you then tag them in a post of you with the product in sight and tell your followers where you got it from.

In most cases you will then earn a commission of each sale and sometimes they will add your post to their Instagram, meaning you will get some followers out of this as well. 

Business: this one is also very difficult because you have to set up a business, gain customers, gain followers and likes, I would only recommend this if you are passionate about creating a business.

Favours: the reason I called this one favours is because you can do this based off many things, let me explain. 

Imagine you come across an instagram account which is a business and they don’t have a website, you could get them to pay you to make a website.

There could be a profile that doesn’t have many likes but has lots of followers, if you know a lot about SEO on social media, you could get them to pay you for this.

There are a lot more things you could use these for, if you’re not sure about one ask about it in the comments and I’ll get back to you!

How to Seem More Trustworthy

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This really depends on what way you are wanting to make money with Instagram. The ways to make money on Instagram are:

  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Shout Outs
  • Sponsored Posts
  • Business
  • Favours

To seem like a more trustworthy affiliate marketer, you would have to research reviews on the product. 

Once you have done this you may even want to test the product out yourself if you can afford to do so, just note that this is a loss and not a profit.

But if the product is good, you will make all your money back and even more!

Always make sure when you are recommending products, you can trust the source and that the product or service is of a high quality, otherwise you could lose potential customers!

To seem more trustworthy with your shoutouts, you could offer them for free to people who have a similar amount of followers to you.

This would be shoutout for shoutout, (where you both shout out each other) then this gains you more followers and people may contact you who own smaller accounts for a paid shoutout.

Make sure you do the shoutout otherwise no one will trust you.

Also make sure you are specific about prices, for example, a 24 hour story will cost less than an Instagram post shoutout. 

You could make a kind of shoutout menu with canva if you are struggling.

Sponsored Posts: the only way to do this would either be to sponsor brands products that you own and tag them.

You could also build a portfolio with paid ones, you will more than likely have to do free ones first.

Business: for this you would have to build a website for your business and have people test your products for free or at a cheaper price to then promote and also review! 

Favours: for this I would also highly recommend building a website, showcasing examples of where you have done previous work.

This previous work can just be things you do in order to look like you’ve had previous customers and then you can use real life examples. 

For all of the above you also state something about refunds this can include “refunds not accepted”. 


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In this blog post we have spoken about how Instagram is one of many great ways to learn skills and earn money.

You should now understand all the different ways you can make money and how to implement them into Instagram.

You will now also understand why you need to seem trustworthy and how to look more trustworthy to your customers.

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