How to Make Money with Images and Videos?

  • Why you should use images and videos to make money
  • How to start making images or videos 
  • Ways to earn money from your images and videos
  • Conclusion

Why you should use images and videos to make money

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The reason you should use images and videos to make money is it is extremely easy to take a photo and some people make thousands a month and some even make thousands a day!

If you enjoy taking photos and videos as a hobby, then why not make money from it? It’s a win-win situation, you get to enjoy your hobby and make a profit out of it and your customer gets extremely good content. 

When you sell images and videos these are tax exempt, meaning all earnings are kept, you may still have to pay processing fees if using something such as square or PayPal.

How to start making images or videos 

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To start making money all you really need is:

  • A Mobile Phone with a Good Quality Camera
  • A Tripod

Once you have these then you are ready to go. First you need to know the niche you would like to take pictures and videos in, this can be absolutely anything, from flowers, to food, to places, the list is endless for this! 

Now that you have decided your niche, you should begin creating a gallery full of photos. I’d suggest beginning with 100-500 with a mix of photos and videos.

This way you have a lot more potential and you will seem more legit, which is extremely important when creating a business. 

Make sure that all your photos are of an extremely high quality, this is so you are selling amazing content.

Make sure you take photos of things people are interested in, within your niche otherwise people probably aren’t going to buy from you. 

If you want to take good photos here are a few tips: 

  • Have a high quality phone or camera 
  • Make sure pictures you take are in the light 
  • Take multiple shots from different angles 

If you are not wanting to take the photos and videos yourself or do not have the right equipment you could always search for people on fiverr and get them to do this. 

I’d only recommend getting people on fiverr to do this, once you have got a lot of customers everyday in order to cover the costs. 

Ways to earn money from your images and videos

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Some Ways you can make money from your images and videos are:

  • Photo places 
  • Own website 
  • Blog
  • Instagram 
  • Snapchat 
  • Twitter 
  • Tiktok (Videos Mainly)

Some places you can sell photos on are Shutterstock, Getty Images, Canva and Etsy.

Shutterstock is good for people who want to take stock photos that many people can use, you must adhere to shutterstock guidelines including quality of images and lighting. 

Getty Images is very similar to shutterstock, so you will also sell stock photography there and on Canva. 

On Etsy you can sell your images and videos there or do specific videos for people, you can also use Fiverr for this. 

If you are going to use Etsy you could also try doing Print On Demand which I have spoken about in previous blogs. 

If you own your own website or would like to create one then I suggest you sell photos this way, as this gives you more potential in the future, little to no fees and you can build a brand around this!

If you Blog, you could add your own images and watermark them, then tell people underneath your image or somewhere on your blog that the images are for sale, other people who blog may be interested and people who read your blog may also be interested!

Instagram is an extremely popular platform that I suggest all businesses use. The way to sell your photos here is to watermark your posts, make sure to cover the entire image so people can’t just crop it out, then state in the post, on your story and in your bio that your images are for sale and if anyone is interested they should DM you.

To accept payments you could use Square to create an online store or you could also charge them through the POS app which is extremely useful for things like this. An alternative to this would be PayPal.

Snapchat: you must be thinking, that’s not possible. I can assure you it is and lots of people do this, you may have heard the term snapchat premium, which is usually associated with pornographic content, however you can create one for your own niche and have something different that others don’t!

Twitter is not the most popular and in my opinion will probably be the hardest as you have to gain a following which is extremely difficult nowadays. Once you have done this you would then do the same as instagram, for both of them you can find businesses to do sponsored posts for which is a good amount of money. 

TikTok is an increasingly popular platform and an amazing way to make money in lots of different ways. To make money through your images and videos, you should create high quality edits using something like capcut and then state you are selling your photos, videos and services, the service being making edits for people, which you can charge a lot for once you have established a large presence. 


In this blog we have gone through the many different reasons and ways you should and can make money from your photos and videos. 

You should understand the basics of taking a good photo, I would suggest looking for someone who is already a photographer to gain more insight to this. 

You should now understand the different ways to make money, such as through social media apps and using your own website. 

Thank you for reading this blog. We have set up a services page for anyone who would like a blog written for them, just fill out the form if you are interested. 

Which platform are you going to start with?

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