How to Make Money with Dropshipping?

  • What is dropshipping ?
  • Why do people say dropshipping is dead?
  • Should I start dropshipping? 
  • How much money can this make me?
  • How to start dropshipping?
  • Conclusion
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What is dropshipping?

Dropshipping is where you are the middleman, you bring the customer to the supplier without having to bag or touch the item. 

This works by having a website with the one product or the many products you want to sell, you then find all your customers in any way you like. Once you have done this you then order the item from the supplier and use their shipping address. 

If you want to be a dropshipper my advice is to put all your effort into it, if you don’t have the effort, don’t put the time in and are not willing to fail multiple times until it works then this is not for you!

Of course some people will not fail lots of times, but dropshipping is hard to get started with and hard to keep up with.

Why do people say dropshipping is dead?

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People who say dropshipping is dead are the people who put minimum effort in, don’t do enough research and ultimately fail once and never bother to put the effort in to try again or improve. 

People sometimes believe this is dead because so many people try and sell the exact same product that 100s of well established dropshippers are already selling, I can tell you now the competition with them is extremely difficult.

If you are wanting to dropship a product it should have some kind of trend in a micro niche (a niche inside a niche), and people need to want to buy it!

Should I start dropshipping? 

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If you want a lifestyle where you can work wherever you want and be able to do everything you want to then, yes you should!

Most people who want to start dropshipping either don’t start because they’re worried or they do start and the first one doesn’t work out.

If we didn’t do things over and over then we wouldn’t be able to improve anything. 

If you are going to start dropshipping, my advice is to do lots of research from trusted sources.

Once you have researched most aspects of dropshipping then you should make sure you understand everything. 

How much money can this make me?

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This can make you lots of money but it can also make you no money. 

The people who make the most amount of money are the people who try and try again and fail lots of times. They’re also the people who put in the most effort no matter what. 

You could in theory manage to earn £1,000 a day which is £30,000 a month, having that in just a few years would set you up for retirement!

The effort is worth it! 

How to start dropshipping?

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To start dropshipping I would suggest you build a website first, the product doesn’t matter at this point.

Once you have your website you should then start to think about social media and how you want to get customers to your website.

There are lots of ways to get customers to your website such as social media, SEO and many more ways.


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In this blog we have covered the basics of what dropshipping is and how you could get started with this. You should now understand why it is such a good opportunity but why most waste it. 

You should understand the basics of why some people say dropshipping is dead and know which path you want to take. 

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