How to Make Money with Print On Demand?

  • What is Print On Demand?
  • Should I start Print On Demand? 
  • How much money can this make me?
  • How to start Print On Demand?
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What is Print On Demand?

Print On Demand is where you create a design and then that design is put onto a t-shirt through a website, once someone orders this on your website the company you use prints the t-shirt and ships it to the customer. 

This kind of business is called B2B (business to business), this is because you work with another business to make your own business run. 

Some of the best websites to use for this are:


Personally I believe that printful is the best as you can integrate your designs with multiple platforms, such as:


The best place to integrate your Print On Demand store is mainly down to what you want and how easy you want the setup to be!

I went with Square as it is extremely easy to use, your website is more drag and drop, however there isn’t much customisation to use on this.

Square is an easy to use first option if you want to make setting up your Print On Demand business a little bit easier. 

Should I start Print On Demand? 

As a first business, I would highly suggest this, it is extremely easy to do, you don’t need lots of money to set this up and once you have set this up you don’t have to do a lot, it is almost fully automated for you!

The only reason not to start is depending on you, if you don’t have the motivation, power and will to keep up with this then, no don’t do it, if you do then, what’s stopping you? Start today! 

How much money can this make me?

This can make you little to no money or a lot of money, just like dropshipping

The reason for this is because you need to put effort and work into it, my first Print On Demand business took me a month to set up and I had to have some help to keep going at a good rate. 

How to start Print On Demand?

To start Print On Demand you need to have your designs set up, create a website and gain your customers! 

To start with I would recommend starting with Square or Ebay and then maybe moving to other platforms such as Wix and the many other sites you could use. 

Once you have a website you should then start making some designs for it, make sure that they’re not copyrighted (text can also be copyrighted”).

Then once you have around 50-100 designs I would then start applying social media principles, gaining your customers through, Instagram, TikTok and Pinterest.

Then you should hopefully in time, with good designs, make some money, make sure you have a little bit of money saved in case things go wrong and for when a customer orders a product as you will not receive the money straight away. 

Something people also miss out is fees for example, Square take a little bit of money that you earn from every transaction, so make sure you work out how much money you want to earn in order to gain that amount. Here is a little tool to help you do that. 

Thank you for reading, in the next blog I’ll be talking about the differences between Print On Demand and Dropshipping, and how you can integrate them.

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