Dropshipping vs Print On Demand

  • What is dropshipping 
  • What is Print On Demand
  • Pros and Cons of dropshipping 
  • Pros and Cons of Print On Demand
  • Conclusion 

What is dropshipping 

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Dropshipping is where you are the middleman, you bring the customer to the supplier without having to bag or touch the item. 

This works by having a website with the one product or the many products you want to sell, you then find all your customers in any way you like. Once you have done this you then order the item from the supplier and use their shipping address. 

What is Print On Demand

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Print On Demand is where you create a design and then that design is put onto a t-shirt through a website, once someone orders this on your website the company you use prints the t-shirt and ships it to the customer. 

This kind of business is called B2B (business to business), this is because you work with another business to run your own business. 

Pros and Cons of dropshipping 

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  • You can earns lots of money
  • You could make a brand in anything

Earning lots of money is one of the main reasons that dropshippers decide to do this, they see the work they have to do and realise that you can do it with the right motivation, effort and time. 

I’ve said this before and I will say it again, you will only succeed if you put a good amount of work, effort and time into creating your business, it is possible!

Making a brand is very important for a business, that’s how you are recognised, otherwise people will probably forget about you. An example of this is when you think of red and yellow, you may think of McDonald’s, because they’re the brand colours. 


  • Takes lots of time and effort
  • Can be a costly setup
  • You may have to pay for your own packaging
  • You don’t have control of the quality of your products

Taking a lot of time and effort is on this list because it can become a very draining task if you don’t have a positive mindset. It does take a lot of time especially when you have other things to do, an example of how long this takes is when I created my first dropshipping business, it was in the niche of technology and it took me around 2-3 months to create the website as I didn’t have all the automation that Shopify has. 

Dropshipping can be very costly to begin with, as you have to pay for a website, usually shopify, then for a domain name and finally you need money in the bank in case anything goes wrong and to be able to buy the product a customer orders. 

If you are not wanting to make a website etc, I would recommend using Ebay but it is hard when you start receiving lots of orders as you have to try and keep up with all of the orders and if you have 100 orders in one day, you have to add each address separately, so I would probably go for something more expensive as you will make a higher profit with less customers that way!

Paying for packaging is something most people don’t talk about, once you have your items set up and your website, you need to know what you will be packaging your items in because otherwise your items will just be delivered in very boring brown packaging.

If you are going to buy your own packaging you should make sure your brand colours are on there along with your logo, the name of your company and to make your business even better maybe even a handwritten letter, it only has to be something short for example “Thank you for ordering with MakeAnSave!” Handwritten letters mean a lot more than anything printed.

Not having control of the quality of products can be a huge downfall when it comes to dropshipping, especially if your supplier isn’t as trustworthy as you think, make sure to contact your supplier, prior to dropshipping and maybe even buy an item to test out yourself, this is to ensure your business is safe and that customers will be happy with the end result.

Pros and Cons of Print On Demand

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  • Can make a clothing brand 
  • Easy Setup
  • Cheap setup

Making a clothing brand is a great business to start, you could be the next Adidas or Nike, making this print on demand as well means you are at an advantage too because your stock doesn’t exist until its ordered by a customer, this way you don’t lose out on money.

Once you start making lots of money from Print On Demand you may even be able to open your own store and earn even more from this!

Print on Demand is an extremely easy setup, you either get designs created for you through something like Fiverr or you make them yourself, once you do this you can then add them to clothing through Printful or Printify, then you have a design on your chosen item and that then gets put on your website for customers to order!

This is a lot cheaper compared to dropshipping because when a customer orders, you only have to pay something like £20 whereas dropshipping is more than likely going to be a lot more than that. 


  • You may have to pay for your own packaging
  • You don’t have control of the quality of clothing

Again paying for packaging can be quite costly, however you always make it yourself or get people to make it for you on Fiverr.

Not having control of the quality of clothing you are selling can lead to bad reviews, so personally I would choose to use something like Printful as they have good quality clothing and even help you out with the quality of your designs. 

Make sure to do lots of research before trying either of these, I am more than happy to answer any questions you have in the comments section as well!


Photo by Ann H on Pexels.com

In this blog you will have learned what Dropshipping and Print On Demand are and how each of these businesses works in order for you to gain a profit.

I have spoken about the pros and cons of each of these and given you some tips and guidance on where to start and what platforms to use!

If you have any questions please make sure to leave them in the comments section below!

Thank you for reading! Which business will you be starting?

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