How to Make Money Writing?

  • Why you should start writing 
  • How easy is it to make money writing?
  • What are some of the different ways to earn by writing?
  • What are the best ways to earn money?
  • Conclusion

Why you should start writing 

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You should begin writing about something you’re passionate about, this is a great way to escape reality and forget about everything that is going on at the moment.

By making this a side hobby you can make it a side hustle where in the end you have the potential to earn lots of money and maybe even become rich. 

Personally I started writing because I struggled to make money myself and now I am earning more and more as time goes on and I want to make your future the same as mine, successful, vibrant and happy!

How easy is it to make money writing?

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Making money with your writing is easy, however getting the traffic in order to do this is the difficult part. 

The reason getting traffic is difficult is due to things like SEO, interest, brand awareness and money. 

Interest is a major part of writing, if no one is interested in what you are writing, no one will care about it, therefore they won’t read it which results in you not getting traffic or money.

Brand awareness is essential because if you are going to be writing, you need to seem trustworthy, especially if you are teaching someone information, humans rely on evidence so make sure to include it! 

Money can be a huge issue when it comes to writing, especially if you do not want to spend a lot on creating a website or things like advertising. 

What are some of the different ways to earn by writing?

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  • Google AdSense 
  • Print On Demand 
  • Dropshipping
  • Selling Products 
  • Writing for others

Google AdSense is great because you don’t need to do much, all you do is allow Google to advertise on your site by integrating some code they give you and then you earn money per person that buys something.

Print On Demand is an amazing way to make money through writing, all you have to do is make your designs relevant towards your content. 

Dropshipping is extremely effective, especially if you write about tools or technology, you could recommend different things and earn lots of money this way and make people think these are your own companies items!

Selling your own products is a very slow process and you will probably have to wait until you have made lots of money with the other methods before beginning this, but this is a great way to make a more authentic brand and reach lots of people while earning lots. 

What are the best ways to earn money?

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Medium is great for people who want to build brand awareness without having their own website, you can even integrate some other methods on Medium to ensure you get the largest sum of money. 

Medium is a free platform so it is an extremely good place to start making money, especially by integrating affiliate links and Ebooks. You have a huge potential! 

Affiliate marketing is an extremely effective way to make money when writing, this is because you can casually mention a product, leave your affiliate link attached and they buy something through your link you earn a commission. 

If you are looking for places to do affiliate marketing the two best places to do this with are:

With Amazon affiliates you can recommend products to people and earn a commission every time someone buys this product.

Clickbank is very similar to amazon affiliates but has a lot more data, such as how well other people do with the product and the amount of competition you will face! 

Ebooks are an amazing way to put all your content together in one so people aren’t searching all over for it online and a great way to give people lots of different tutorials. 

Selling courses gives you a huge advantage to make money, people who don’t know about your blog could find about it through your course and people who don’t know about your course can find out about it through your blog.


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In this blog you have been taught about the power writing can have and how it can cure you of all the negativity going round at the moment! 

You now know that you can earn lots from doing this and have lots of different ways to make money with writing! 

You should understand that even though it may seem easy to make money with writing, it can be very difficult if you don’t do things properly. 

Reading this blog, you should now understand a little more about SEO, interest, brand awareness and the money involved in creating a blog or place to write your content. 

You will now have also learnt the very best ways to make money with your writing, some of these are also the cheapest or even free, such as creating an Ebook! 

Comment below how you will be making money with your writing? 

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