How to Make Money with Affiliate Marketing

  • What is affiliate marketing? 
  • Why should you be an affiliate marketer? 
  • Best services to use for affiliate marketing? 
  • How to find affiliate programs? 
  • Setting up for success 
  • Conclusion 

What is affiliate marketing? 

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An example of this is if the product the customer buys is £25 and you get 20% commission, you will get £5, that doesn’t seem a lot but imagine, 100 people buying this product through your link and all your doing is marketing it, you would get £500 altogether for this and with the right marketing skills it is very easy to make money! 

Affiliate marketing isn’t just sharing a link online and never doing anything again to make money, you do have to work on marketing this and if you want to be successful you may have to do this a lot but it isn’t extremely different work. 

Why should you be an affiliate marketer? 

You should be an affiliate marketer if you fit into any of these categories, you don’t have to fit them all: 

  • Want to work from home or anywhere with your own hours 
  • Want to use social media to make money 
  • Want to earn lots  

If you want to work at home with your own hours then this is an extremely good opportunity to do this. 

With affiliate marketing you could work as little as 20 hours a month and earn a high income, in the beginning this will be a lot of work but as you grow you will start to earn a lot for not a lot of work! 

If you want to use social media to earn money then there are a variety of ways you can do this: affiliate marketing is one of them!  

You could do an Instagram page based on travel, gain lots of followers and start recommending products or offers to travel which then you will earn commission for.  

Best services to use for affiliate marketing? 

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The best affiliate marketing services to use are: 

Clickbank is when you find a product or service on the site, you should look at the gravity, you can change this in the filters which you filter it by the highest first because this means you are more likely to get a profit out of promoting the item or service you choose.  

Make sure that you check out the website and make sure they have a sales page and a page where people have reviewed the product or service to make sure you are selling something people will trust to buy and actually enjoy! 

Amazon Associates is very similar however you don’t have things such as the gravity so it can be a little difficult to work out what will sell but with some research you may be able to find out what is the best to sell! 

Amazon Associates works in the same way by giving you a link for a product of your choice but the commission rate may be a lot lower

When choosing a product make sure to choose something people will buy, but I wouldn’t start with something too expensive to begin with as you need to build trust before people start buying products for lots of money and there are a lot of ways to do this! 

How to find affiliate programs? 

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Research! This is the most effective way to get this done! If you know of any companies that you believe may have an affiliate program or ones that you are interested in then search them up, just make sure you stick to a specific niche

When searching for a specific company, all you have to do is search [Company Affiliate Marketing] or you could search the website and scroll to the bottom to see if they have an affiliates page! 

If you are just starting then clickbank is a great place to start affiliate marketing as it tells you how well the product is selling and the amount of people selling the product or using a hop link. 

Setting up for success 

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Once you have worked out what niche you would like to do then you need to come up with a strategy as to how you are going to get people to trust you, you could do this by: 

  • Blogging 
  • Making an Instagram Page 
  • Creating TikToks 
  • Cold Emailing (Wouldn’t recommend) 

Blogging is a great way to start because you are giving people free content and potentially making a huge difference in their lives by giving them valuable information, this is also a great way to communicate with anyone who comments on your blogs!  

Making an Instagram page may not be the easiest thing to do especially if you want to grow but you can do this slowly and surely and may be successful with this, especially if you choose a popular niche, but make sure you are interested in the niche yourself! 

TikTok has been the rising trend of 2020-2021 and has made lots of people wealthy and successful, if you can find a way to make TikTok videos and include your affiliate link in your bio then you could have an extremely good chance at making money

Cold Emailing is my least favourite, this is because you email people about a product and then they decide whether they would like to buy it or not, personally I believe it isn’t worth trying this method because it can come across almost like a scam

You are best off trying one of the other ways or if you have some people to help you, why not try all of them, it can be very handy to have a team and to be able to market across multiple platforms! 


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In this blog you have learnt what affiliate marketing is and that it is worth almost £10 billion globally! You should now know what commission is and how much money you can potentially earn! 

We have gone through the fact you can work as many hours as you want and any day you want from anywhere in the world, with your phone or laptop! 

You should understand that even though people earn lots, it isn’t a guarantee that you will make this money, not everyone is successful in affiliate marketing! 

We have gone through two of the different places you can find affiliate links and how to research companies to find affiliates, remember to stick to your niche

You should understand why Clickbank is better than Amazon Associates and what gravity is when using clickbank. 

In this blog you have also learnt how to set up for success as an affiliate marketer by using different platforms and understanding the importance of a team if you are wanting to use more than one social platform

Thank you for reading, make sure to like follow and comment to tell everyone how and where you’re going to start you’re affiliate marketing journey! 

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