How to Make Money with YouTube

  • Why you should use YouTube to make money 
  • Different ways to make money on YouTube 
  • How to implement methods to make money 
  • Conclusion 

Why you should use YouTube to make money 

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You should use YouTube to make money because it is a fun way to make money if you like making and editing videos! 

Working as a creator on YouTube can also possibly bring you a lot of opportunities, you may be able to meet your favorite creators and collaborate with them, you may even become incredibly wealthy! 

Making money on YouTube may not be the easiest thing to do but if you like a challenge, why not try it out?  

The best thing about making money with a YouTube channel is the fact that there are multiple ways to create passive income streams, meaning you make money in your sleep! 

Different ways to make money on YouTube 

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 There are many different ways to make money on YouTube, the best ways to make money with YouTube are: 

  • Affiliate Marketing 
  • Print On Demand 
  • Dropshipping 
  • Selling Courses 
  • Ebooks 

Affiliate marketing is when you use a link from a website and make a commission for every sale that is achieved through your specific link.  

Print on Demand is when you create a design and a company then prints a specific item for you when a customer orders it. 

Dropshipping is when you find a product that will sell and sell it to other people for a higher price without ever seeing or touching the product.  

Selling courses is where you put together valuable information and then sell this knowledge to people who need it the most to help them get to the place they want to be! 

Ebooks are also a great way to make money as you can put them on your website free for people to use but only if people sign up, (good way to collect emails) or you can sell them. 

How to implement methods to make money 

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Affiliate Marketing can be implemented by researching about a product to do with the niche of your choice.  

Once you have done this you should then start some kind of social channel, whether that be YouTube, Instagram, Blogging, TikTok, is up to you, but make sure the one you do is something you enjoy! 

Eventually you might want to do all of them if you want to make a larger profit but it’s not mandatory and doing one of them can be a fun hobby.  

Print On Demand is implemented by creating designs (they should be related to your brand, company or social media), this then should be placed on a product as an image.  

I suggest using printful as this helps you automate most things and you can connect it with lots of different platforms such as square and Ebay, this means your work with this is an extremely easier way to do it rather than having to manually input them all into a site yourself.  

Dropshipping can be implemented by doing some research on products that do the best in sales. 

Once you have picked your product(s) you should start a website, this could he using Square, Wix, WordPress or any other website builder.    

Selling Courses is implemented by creating a course that is based on the niche you are in. 

An example of this is if you know a lot about coding and make YouTube videos on this you could make a course on how to code. 

Ebook can be implemented in a similar way to a course: you put valuable information altogether, this should be set out like an eBook, using canva is a great way to implement this method.  


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Throughout this blog you will have learnt about lots of different methods on how to make money with YouTube. 

You should fully understand what the following methods are and how to implement them: 

  • Affiliate Marketing 
  • Print On Demand 
  • Dropshipping 
  • Selling Courses 
  • Ebooks 

This now means you can start making money with YouTube now, you don’t need to monetize your channel in order to this, which is the best part!  

You should also now know what software you can use for certain methods. An example would be knowing what clickbank and amazon associates are to be used for. 

If you are wanting to meet YouTubers my advice would be to do videos that are like the channels of: 

  • Adam B 
  • Daz Black  
  • Mr Beast  

This way, once you have an established audience, they may want to collaborate with you because they want more views and subscribers and may even be interested in meeting you. 

Take into account that you will only be able to collaborate with people who have a high subscription rate if you do too, if you have too many less than them then they probably won’t be interested in working with you just yet. 

Thank you for reading! Which method are you going to try to make money with YouTube? Let us know in the comments below! 

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