How to Make Money on Ebay

  • Decide What to Sell on eBay  
  • Buy Cheap, Sell High 
  • Improve Your eBay Profile  
  • Research Costs Involved as an eBay seller  
  • Keep an eye out for eBay seller promotions  
  • Charge the best prices  
  • Start bids low  
  • Auctions during peak times  
  • Pay with PayPal 
  • Maintain Contact with Buyers  
  • Always get proof of postage when selling on eBay 
  • Send items with a hand-written note 

Decide What to Sell on eBay  

If your thinking about selling on eBay then it’s vital that you take some time out and decide whether what you want to sell is in a good condition

You can sell broken items, just make sure that you tell the buyer in your title and description.  

You are probably wanting to start right now by selling anything and everything. 

But if you don’t take out this time then you risk selling items that are in a bad condition which can lead to you getting bad reviews, this makes it incredibly hard to sell.  

If your really struggling to think of what to sell you could use ‘Marketplace Research’ tool, this is a great way to find what the best selling products are.  

If your using this tool, make sure to check out the most watched items. Keep your eye out to also see what usually has the most bids as this gives you ideas on what to sell.  

If your wanting to sell to people regularly, then think seasonally. Imagine trying to sell a pair of sunglasses during winter, chances are your not going to sell them, are you?  

If you do sell them though, you won’t make as much money as you would in the summer so make sure to sell when  they’re in demand!  

Buy Cheap, Sell High 

If your selling items you no longer use, then why not look at cheap products to sell at a higher price?  

You can find cheap products at any charity shops near you, a car boot sale or even on eBay, I’m sure you could find many more places too!  

Make sure you do lots of research though as this is riskier and you could end up losing money if not done correctly! 

If you see an item and are certain the seller has underestimated its price, then buy it! This way you can then sell it for a better price and with a bit of luck you could sell it for a great profit!  

Improve Your eBay Profile  

Buying on eBay before selling can be a good way to show others you are trustworthy as they can see you have an eBay history.  

You could buy absolutely anything, even if it’s just a few small purchases, but make sure to pay for the items promptly and give feedback to the seller as this builds up your presence on eBay and you will raise your buyer rating.  

Choosing your username is also important because this is what your little business will be called and have a username like makeansave0917xx probably isn’t going to make you seem trustworthy.  

You should go for a username that is simple and professional, make sure it’s related to things you sell if your selling specific products if not then it could be your name.  

Research Costs Involved as an eBay seller 

As an eBay seller you will have to pay a fee when you have sold an item on eBay and pay a PayPal fee if you choose to use them.  

If you need to work out eBay and PayPal fees then you can use this snazzy tool!  

Keep an eye out for eBay seller promotions  

Occasionally eBay runs some promotional offers, these are for private sellers. Make sure to watch out for them and activate them by clicking the link eBay will send you. If you can, wait for these offers to come around as they could save you a great amount on seller fees.  

The offers can be reducing your fees (sometimes to as little as a £1 per item you list!). 

To find these offers, go over to your seller page on eBay, look for the section that contains current promotions. Then next to your offers it may say ‘Active’ meaning you have already activated this or you’ll have a button to activate it.  

Charge the best prices  

You should always do research on the prices you could potentially sell something for, you don’t want to underestimate or overestimate the worth of what you are selling.  

Make sure to look at other people who have sold the same item on eBay you can do this by going to filters and then toggling “completed items” and “sold items”.  

When you have decided what item you would like to sell, you should use the eBay advanced search tool, this shows you how much similar items have been selling for recently. Make sure when you search this to tick ‘completed listings’. 

If you have a barcode on your item, you can scan this for a more accurate search.  

Make sure to include the right pricing for postage, otherwise you may end up paying this out of your own pocket.  

High postage fees can put a few sellers off so make sure to put the price of your product up to cover some of the costs of your postage and packaging.  

Start bids low  

It is definitely tempting to give your listings a high price, but if you start your bidding at 99p or similar then you are more likely to end up with a better sale! 

Starting your bid low catches people’s attention and this encourages a bidding way as the item is on the last day of bidding. 

This doesn’t really apply to very niche products though, for example if your item is something that only a collector would want then you don’t want to set the bid too low as you’re not as likely to get lots of bids. 

If you are worried about a deal not going well, meaning you think the item won’t be sold for a good price, you can add a minimum price or sometimes known as the reserve price, meaning this item won’t be sold unless it reaches its minimum amount.  

Pay with PayPal 

It’s recommended that you take payments via PayPal.   

PayPal will charge you a fee per sale on eBay, but this is the safest way to accept payments  

The reason it’s safer is because you get an extra layer of security added on so people then have no way of scamming you for the item you’re selling. 

Maintain Contact with Buyers  

This is an important step when selling on eBay because people want to stay updated about their purchase. 

Once you have packed the parcel and posted it, make sure to alert your buyer, this way they aren’t left in the dark about it. 

Then if you have a tracking code, make sure to tell them what it is and what service it’s with, so they can track the parcel.  

Always get proof of postage when selling on eBay 

When someone buys something, make sure you go with a delivery service they can track because then you can give them a tracking code. 

While eBay and PayPal both offer you some sense of protection, it’s best to give yourself an extra layer of protection.  

To do this you just need a photo or a video of you posting the package or handing it to a shop who work with one of the services.  

This way you have eBay, PayPal and evidence to back you up in case the buyer was to open a case against you.  

If you go with a tracking company or somewhere like your local post office, you should also get a receipt, take a photo of this so you have it in digital form and physical form. 

This way you are highly protected!  

Send items with a hand-written note 

If you have ever read a blog about Dropshipping or Print on Demand then you will know that having hand written notes in your deliveries can make customers want to buy from you again and again. 

Make sure every hand written note is different because if people decide to share what   

Package items in large envelopes to save money 

If an item your selling is small enough to fit in an envelope, put it in one! This saves money. 

Make sure the envelopes are within the post offices guidelines, otherwise you risk paying even more for delivery.  

Your listing will look more appealing when it’s cheaper than others, you will stand out a lot more and people will be more willing to buy from you (Providing it’s not too cheap). 

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